Yunnan, A Must-Go Place Making Young People Enchanted

2019-10-23 13:37 출처: Yunnan Tourism Authority

KUNMING, China--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 10월 23일 -- In Yunnan, such a 394,100-square-kilometer vast land, there is full of magic and romance. From valleys with an altitude of 76 meters to peaks with an altitude of 6,740 meters, this land encompasses all kinds of spectacular landscape, such as numerous mountains and surging rivers.

There are last paradises for wild animals and miraculous plants growing for thousands of years hidden in warm zones, frigid zones, rain forests, meadow, rocks and peaks. Once you get here and see these amazing and magnificent mountains and rivers, you will never turn your eyes elsewhere.

“My Favorite Scenic Areas in Yunnan”

Five Must-see Scenic Areas

The Old Town of Lijiang
Chongsheng Temple and Three-Pagoda Culture Tourist Area, Dali
Xishuangbanna Primeval Forest Park Co., Ltd.
Yuanmou People Museum, Chuxiong
Heshun Ancient Town, Tengchong

“My Favorite Scenic Areas in Yunnan”

Five Scenic Areas Making You Come Back

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area, Lijiang
Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area, Tengchong
China Pu’er Tea Expo Park
Banglazhang Hot-spring Health and Recreation Resort, Longling County
Mengle Cultural Tourism Area, Xishuangbanna

“My Favorite Scenic Areas in Yunnan”

Five Beautiful Must-go Places in Your Life

Stone Forest Scenic Area, Kunming
Jade Water Village Scenic Area, Lijiang
Lugu Lake, Lijiang
Volcano Geothermal Sea Scenic Area, Tengchong
Wild Elephant Valley Scenic Area, Xishuangbanna

“My Favorite Scenic Areas in Yunnan”

Five Popular Destinations

Colorful Yunnan · Gudian Town Tourist Resort
Rongchuang Xishuangbanna Tourist Resort
Fantasy Babao International Garden Tourist Resort
Kirin Watertown, Qujing
Fenglongwan Town, Xundian (Fenglongwan International Tourist Resort)

Explore and indulge in Yunnan’s impressive scenery while you’re young!

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